about a world unbroken

Jesus gave the disciples this advice before he sent them out. He knew that the world was tough, and that they would meet many “bad guys” and “good guys” looking to shred their confidence and prove them to be ignorant. The same goes for you. Any time you try to help you can count on pushback.

Regardless of the intent behind the naysayers, a wonderful way to thwart their attempts to throw you off course is preparation, preparation, preparation. Be bold but don’t be stupid. Look at things from every possible angle and be intentional about your research. In short, make sure your helping is not hurting.

It’s a lot easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize. That’s why so many do it. The hard part is getting out there and executing a game plan. You have decided on the hard path so walk it well. Devise a game plan that muzzles the wolves.
You will make mistakes, and that’s okay. Submit to the process and pray for your preparations. Know that in both success and failure God is blessing your efforts.

Step #1: Meetings. Set up a time to meet with your team. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may need to meet more than once. Come prepared to discuss what needs to be done to work on your project. Create a list of to-do’s and assign them to the people on your team.

Step #2: Logistics. That’s just a fancy word for all the little details! Sometimes you don’t realize how many there will be until you dive further into your project. A great way to keep them all organized is to use a free online program to organize all your thoughts and tasks. There are a couple of good ones you could use: Evernote or Google Docs. This way everyone on your team can have access to the information you gather so everyone can stay on the same page.

Step #3: Double Check. Be sure to check and make sure you are doing everything legally. You may run into some issues (especially if you are under 18 years of age). If you are unsure, run it past an adult or email us at info@aworldunbroken.com. After all of your hard work of planning, you are now ready to Do It!