about a world unbroken

Did you know that God is not into playing word games? In Judges 6 God is speaking to a guy named Gideon and not just asking him to take on the Midianites, but promising him the victory. For Gideon, this was a hard promise to believe because the strength that he had wasn’t much strength at all.

But, you know what? It happens.

As you go forth know that you can rest under the same realization that Gideon came to in his story: God is a God of big promises. And if God is sending you, you can not fail.

Step #1: Set a date. After all your careful planning, you are ready to put your project into action! Choose a time, place, and date to start your project or hold your event.

Step #2: Let people know! Start getting the word out to people about your cause. Put it on Facebook, start a blog, create fliers, and hang them up around your community. Let others know about what you are doing so they can join in too!

Step #3: Big Day. Whether you are doing a one-time event or starting your own nonprofit, the first day is momentous. Be sure to have fun and remember your mission statement of why you are doing this.