about a world unbroken

The dream for A World Unbroken comes from wanting to create something that called students to a holistic biblical spiritual walk. We want to help teens remember that they are called be to ambassadors of restoration, which means living and breathing into the new creation, and we have this book to guide us called the Bible—the sacred story of God.

We removed our agenda from this, in faith that The Spirit would do what he wanted to do with the prayers and actions of the students as they journeyed through AWU.

We have created AWorldUnbroken.com to be a platform to help you live out your dreams that have developed from journeying through the story of God. It is about actively engaging the story of God on your campus, in your community, and in this world. This experience is designed to form you spiritually and show you the healing attributes of displaying Christlike love to a broken and shattered world.

We’ve also created a devotional for teens where you will have opportunities to dream and then act upon those very dreams by engaging in God’s story and participate in his mission to restore the world to its intended wholeness. Learn more about that here.

We pray that this space encourages you to be an active participant in the story of God and that the resources and stories inspire you to live your life by embracing God’s mission.

AWU IllustrationWhat if…
We could see the world…
As a blossoming dream?